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We start with 4 short questions that calculate your Resilience Score, a simple but powerful metric that allows you to accurately measure how you feel so you can measure changes over time. (existing users please login here)

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The Resilience Clinic system consists of 4 primary  functions of mental wellbeing which you rate yourself between 1 and 10. We will quickly learn each area now.


Mood is the ability to maintain positive mood balance, optimism, motivation and maintain ‘approach behaviours’ allowing us to bounce back from set backs and mood lows. 


Energy is the able to regulate and recover on a brain, cell, and body level. If overall energy output constantly exceeds capacity, it can lead to dysfunction at a brain, mitochondria and immune system level. Each of us has our own unique energy ‘set point’ so our needs are quite individual.


Clarity is thinking ability, concentration, memory and mental organization. When we have trouble in this domain we can feel brainfoggy, have trouble focusing and staying mentally organized.


This is the aspect related to cultivating a calm mind and brain in the face of stress to avoid living in fight or flight or nervous system hyper-arousal mode 24/7. Issues in this area can show up as trouble relaxing, letting go or falling asleep easily, or having no ‘off switch’.

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We use your information to give you personalized wellbeing recommendations and programs and send you occasional emails. We never share your personal information with 3rd parties. 

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