Creating Your Optimal Sleep Environment

Get Rid of Sources of Blue Light

Eliminate all sources of blue light in the bedroom by unplugging or covering with black tape any indicator lights/flashing lights from chargers.

Keep the Bedroom for Sleep (& Sex)

As much as possible, keep your bedroom ‘sacred’ for sleep and sex–no work in the bedroom ideally. However, if you have young kids or the bedroom is the only place for a home office desk, limit the hours of work to before dinner and absolutely NO laptops or phones in bed at night for your and/or bedpartners.

Eliminate Clutter in the bedroom.

If you are like me and are messy, hide the mess and clutter in storage areas/closets or however you can so it’s not in your line of sight while in bed. These subconscious environmental factors can trigger mental anxiety or worries before sleep.

Tools to Optimise the Sleep Environment

Next, You want to make your bedroom physical environment as calming and soothing for your brain as possible. These are some tools to get to enhance your sleep environment:

  • Get Black-out blinds &/or Curtains — any light pollution can alter sleep cycles so your room should be as pitch black as possible. You can get cheap blackout curtain liners for under 50 pounds for even big sized windows to put under your fashionable ones and/ or pull down blinds for as little as 15-20 pounds to fit most windows.
    • For travel or as a quicker more temporary solution (also great for children’s bedrooms!) you can get blackout curtains that have suction cups directly onto the window for around 20 pounds.
  • Use White noise in the bedroom while you sleep. You can do this by getting a white noise machine, using voice activated surround-sound speakers set to an ocean or rain looping background track are nice but not necessary. Using a free app on your phone that will work even if your screen is dark and set to airplane mode is a good free method. The app option is also a great option for travelling.
  • Get a good eye mask for total blackout
  • Get Ear Plugs-especially if you sleep with a bed partner but even if you don’t, many people are sensitive to background noise, street or neighboring noise (if you live in a flat for example) and you may not notice your sensitivity until you remove at least part of the background noise with earplugs for a one week trial.

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