Week 4 Recap


Now you have learned 3 RR techniques:

One focused on the breath-The Healing Breath

One focused on the Mind-The benson Technique

One focused on the Body-PMR

Now that you have practiced each of these for 1 week, this week you will choose your favorite practice to continue doing each day moving forward.

Combining Techniques

If you like, you can also combine more than one practice together. For example, you can do the Benson Technique while doing your healing breath at the same time.  This means while you exhale, you can repeat your word or phrase mentally while making the gentle haaa sound.

Combining more than 2

You can also combine two or more practices in a sequence. For example, starting with 1 minute of the healing breath, followed by your PMR recording practice and then ending with 2 minutes of the benson technique for a just under 20 minute practice total.

Moving Forward with Your Practice

It’s really up to you. The most important thing is to keep up your practice each day, whichever one(s) you choose to keep.

It takes 8 weeks of daily practice to start seeing significant brain and nervous system change but you will likely have already begun to see benefits.

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