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Full Spectrum CBD

Mood – Animal studies on positive effect on depression, unpublished human real-world data on full-spectrum CBD helping with depression. CBD may also help with addiction and cravings with often go hand in hand with mood issues. 

Energy – Anti-inflammatory and may help regulate immune function and help cell powerhouses (mitochondria) work more effectively. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME is also thought to be related to potentially an endocannabinoid deficiency state and many people find their symptoms improve with CBD daily use

Clarity – In human studies, a small RCT showed that CBD improved symptoms of ADHD without side effects in young adults over 6 weeks. In animal models, CBD enhances neurogenesis or new brain cell growth. Many people with ADHD find that CBD also helps with feeling calmer so they can focus better with less stress, and combining CBD with caffeine may help reduce caffeine-induced anxiety while still giving the focusing/mental clarity boost

Calm – CBD has well-studied anti-anxiety effects, especially when used daily and in a longer-acting form. It also helps the brain and body handle stress better acting as an ‘adaptogen’ and CBD has been shown in animal models to help regulate the HPA axis response to stress. Full-spectrum CBD products may work better than CBD isolate to help support sleep and rest. CBD can be taken before doing your mindbody practice to help aid relaxation. Many people also find CBD is helpful for ‘body noise’ eg. muscle tension that can affect CALM in the body.