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At the London Resilience Clinic we specialise in the holistic treatment of complex, multi symptom conditions. Many of our patients with chronic illnesses experience symptoms that cross medical specialities including:

Standard UK healthcare tends to offer medication for each symptom, despite being ineffective for chronic illness, leaving patients feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and without guidance as to how to get better.


The London Resilience Clinic Approach

We combine medication options with holistic integrative treatment approaches from North America that target multiple symptoms and improve quality of life so you can feel better quicker and expand your life again.

Experience With Chronic Illness

Standard medical care uses a one-sized fits all drugs only approach with ‘pill for each symptom.’  This is often the only solution provided despite being ineffective for chronic illness.  This often leaves patients feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and without guidance as to how to get better after seeing their GP and multiple specialists without anyone being able to ‘connect the dots’. Each specialist focuses only on their area, resulting in multiple drugs with unnecessary side effects and fragmented ineffective treatments.  

Novel therapies are usually not considered.  This lack of good results leads to life getting smaller over time causing more problems with mood, self esteem and quality of life. Patients find that their multiple symptoms restrict what they can do, even what they can eat and lead to spending most of their time and resources trying to manage their condition on their own.  


Getting a Clear Road Map to Recovery

We help you feel better quickly so you can expand your life again.  This holistic integrative approach to medical care is more common in North America, where our founder Dr. Dani Gordon has trained and practiced for many years prior to relocating to the UK. treat difficult symptoms effectively and manage your health holistically using personalised integrative medicine and novel medicines including medical cannabis which is why a holistic approach is needed rather than focused on a single speciality or symptom in isolation. 


Step 1. Rapid Symptom Relief

Rapid Symptom Relief and improved quality of life using novel medicines including medical cannabis.

Mental Health Conditions

Depression and low mood is often seen alongside symptoms such as brainfog, sleep disturbance, feeling on edge, anxiety and fatigue. Depression is also very common if you have chronic pain and tend to go hand-in-hand. A history of trauma or PTSD can also

Our Approach

Our approach to depression is personalised and can including novel medications such as medical cannabis, specific diet and nutraceuticals, DNA testing to match medications & functional medicine testing to further customize treatment, including gut microbiome testing for mood related markers and personalized non-drug approaches to shift mood and related symptoms like anxiety and irritability.

Case Study

Simon, 45 years old. First Diagnosed with depression 15 years ago
Goal: improve mood and motivation so he enjoy his young family more.
History: After failing multiple medications including SSRIs, SNRIs and forms of psychotherapy, Simon was frustrated and giving up hope of feeling happy.
The plan: after a thorough integrative assessment that looked not only at his depression but also his sleep, body pain and medical history, Simon was started on a cannabis based medicine to help with his mood, alongside a specific nutraceutical and dietary protocol including a keto-lite diet, brain-gut axis support and a short targeted mindbody practice to be done after taking his evening medical cannabis dose. He was given sleep and stress hormone support to reduce early morning waking and daytime fatigue and mood crashes.
Outcome: 3 months later, his mood was the best it had ever been ‘as far as I can remember’ and he was happier at home and at work & able to truly enjoy spending time with his young children and partner.

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Fatigue Conditions

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