resilience experiments

MOOD Plan 1

Supplements: Folic Acid, Vitamin D3, Bifidobacter and lactobacillus probiotic

Diet: Ketogenic lite-diet

Mindbody: Compassion/LK Meditation 5 minutes/day

Power Plants: Full spectrum CBD with traces of THCV, humulene, limonene, alpha pinene, Terpinolene

The best way to start with cannabinoids for most people is with a long acting full spectrum hemp cbd product since it contains a very small microdose (below 1mg) of THC which makes the CBD work better for many different wellness areas for most people but will never cause impairment or a feeling of being ‘high’ and has the anti-inflammatory neuroprotective qualities that are beneficial for most people.  

Also look for products that contain: THCV, Humulene, limonene and alpha pinene and CBD products made from hemp strains marked as ‘daytime’ or ‘sativas.’ real world data on full spectrum cbd helping with low mood.  CBD may also help with addiction and cravings with often go hand in hand with mood issue

ADD ON: THC containing cannabis (where legal): 

If you choose to add on more THC, the base of long acting CBD can also help buffer potential THC side effects or downsides, like feeling sluggish or low.   Microdosed or ultra-low dosed THC (eg. 1-3mg of THC per dose in a microdosed vaporized) using an uplifting cultivar with the above terpenes and/or marked as a ‘sativa.’  Avoid strains marked as pure indicas or heavy in myrcene.